GameRant – Why The Epic Games Store Is Giving Away So Many Free Games

The Epic Games Store is nothing if not generous with its free games. For several years, the company has released a free game every week, and in the last few weeks, these free offerings have massively increased in quantity. […] Combined with recent news that the store is haemorrhaging money for Epic, why is the studio only ramping up its delivery of free games?


GameRant – What to Expect from the Skyrim Board Game

Skyrim remains one of the most prominent games on the market today. It is somewhat surprising that, so far, it has not been made into a Skyrim board game. That is, until now. Modiphius Entertainment is finally bringing Bethesda’s bestselling fantasy RPG to tabletop.


GamesRadar – Odin, Valhalla, and the real Norse myths behind Valheim’s 3 million player strong success

Perhaps you have found yourself looking at the mind-blowing numbers this tiny game is doing. Maybe you are a Valheim player, wondering why you’re being stalked by a one-eyed man in a cloak. There are explanations for all these questions, and so many more, when we look at the way Valheim ties Norse myth into its very core.


GameRant – A History of Rare’s Canceled Video Game Projects

The ex-Nintendo darling had swathes of canceled titles, with examples like Dinosaur Planet recently leaked online, but this is not the first time this has happened recently. A leaked remaster of GoldenEye, also canceled, made its way online in early February 2021. One question haunts Rare’s history: Why do publishers cancel so many of the studio’s titles so consistently?


GamesRadar – Best Indiana Jones games to play before the new Bethesda title

 If you are reading this article, you are likely one of the 6.4 million people (and counting) who have watched the new Indiana Jones game trailer. […] So while you wait, check out the five best Indiana Jones games of all time. When we say all time, we mean it – the oldest game on this list is from 1989!