GameRant – Why The Epic Games Store Is Giving Away So Many Free Games

The Epic Games Store is nothing if not generous with its free games. For several years, the company has released a free game every week, and in the last few weeks, these free offerings have massively increased in quantity. […] Combined with recent news that the store is haemorrhaging money for Epic, why is the studio only ramping up its delivery of free games?


GameRant – What to Expect from the Skyrim Board Game

Skyrim remains one of the most prominent games on the market today. It is somewhat surprising that, so far, it has not been made into a Skyrim board game. That is, until now. Modiphius Entertainment is finally bringing Bethesda’s bestselling fantasy RPG to tabletop.


WhatCulture – Bethesda Indiana Jones Game: 6 Trailer Secrets You Missed

In the past few days, immeasurable hype has built around the upcoming Bethesda/Machine Games/Lucasfilm Indiana Jones game.

It is not hard to see why: the series is beloved, having inspired so many game series itself (Uncharted, Tomb Raider and arguably other Lucasfilm classics like the Monkey Island series).

You might wonder what could possibly be so exciting – it is only a thirty second trailer after all.

Just like the ancient ruins Indiana himself pilfers from, however, this short little trailer is stuffed full of tiny, seemingly insignificant details that might reveal some fascinating information about the upcoming game.


WhatCulture – 10 Secret Video Game Shortcuts You DEFINITELY Missed

Since video games have been a cultural phenomenon, players have been wondering how to optimise their runs. Super Mario games are famed for having the occasional cheeky warp pipe that flings you forward across the land, and they are not the only ones.

Developers can also be wily beasts, and sometimes they really love to challenge players to find the quickest and most efficient ways around their games. In doing so, developers will hide these paths of least resistance in the most unlikely places, leaving players to ferret around all the nooks and crannies of any given level, hoping to tease that extra nugget of speed out of the gameplay. […]

In this article, we will run down ten of the most devilish shortcuts we can find in games. Some are hidden behind dialogue options most would not even think to click, and others require incredibly precise inputs to leapfrog over half of the game’s planned content. Sometimes it is as easy as closing a door.


GamesRadar – Games Like Cyberpunk 2077

CD Projekt’s newest release, despite production and release issues, has undoubtedly revitalised interest in the “cyberpunk” games as a whole. […]

[H]ere are the 10 best games that like Cyberpunk 2077, which aim to bring back that sense of awe we once had investigating Bladerunner’s sullied streets.

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WhatCulture – 10 Video Game Mods That Restored Essential Features

Video games have a long history of being released in broken or incomplete states. The legacy of modders leaping to attention to fix the mistakes of rushed developers stretches back nearly as long. These mods do not always just address the occasional bug or glitch – some go as far as restoring cut content and features left out of the game completely! […]

Modders love to trawl through and restore cut content, and in doing so can often massively improve a game. These remixes of games can be so impressive that some modders even go on to get industry jobs. Other modders just make nigh-on impossible changes that wildly alter an otherwise serious game.

In this article we will break down 10 video game mods that restored essential content: ranging from expanded story options to features that entirely fix previously unplayable ports of games. Read on as we cover a wide range of mods: from ones fixing the driving in Cyberpunk 2077 to reworkings of entire PC ports.